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Works created during extensive voyages in different years have one thing in common: urban life and the countryside seen as a portrait of a person where each element or scenery has its own mood, character and temperament. They are reminiscent of the content of films shown on the discovery channels or that of a theatrical performance.

Vladimir believes that photography is a philosophical art, a visual literature. It is not an easy task to find your own approach in such city as Paris and to avoid any cliché. For Vladimir Paris is a city perceived by him on the basis of his own artistic standpoint; here you can see only his vision and understanding of the model. The photos are not glitzy advertising material for tourists. They are akin to Renaissance paintings with portraits of distinguished persons against the modest scenery on the background. The point is that such scenery is nothing short of being a work of arts in its own right. In this sense the photos as works of art attract unflagging attention like a book that is so deep and interesting that you want to read time and again.

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