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The plot of the series is based on short stores about two mysterious oriental characters – a boy and a girl. A picturesque national costumes and accessories are represented by the Oriental Room gallery. Making use of national Uzbek and Turkmen garment, musical instruments, rags and other utensils Vladimir does not emphasize any particular national style. As a result, you can observe a fine and harmonious combination of different cultures of the Orient.

In this series the author uses his artistic skills to show the poetry of feelings characteristic of relationships between young persons. In visual images of children you are able to find a complex or even contradictory transitional status of a child entering the world of teenagers. Thus we have a romantic ode about gradual maturing, first affections and first friendship.

Literary backgrounds of the series’ themes are only too understandable and transparent. Poetic treatises and love lyrics of Abulkassim Firduosi, Saadi, Nizami, Alisher Navoi and other prominent Oriental poets are fine sources for visual presentation of the beauty of the Orient.

Opting for tinted photography the author deliberately avoids the temptation to resort to any day-glo background intrinsically characteristic of the Orient. In doing so Vladimir adapts his works to standards of European perception. But the structural basis of the color is still there; the color is seemingly broken down into sophisticated components being refracted in fancy patterns of garments, fabrics, carpets, etc. Some works are performed in accordance with the solarization (Sabattier) technique.

Creating the series the author has made it a point to integrate two areas of arts, e.g. literature and photography without resorting to the literary text directly but still having it in mind. In his works Vladimir does not rely on literature directly although his artistic perception oftentimes feeds on selected literary subjects.

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