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The idea to create the Hands series was born when the artist still worked on the Sensuality topic thus elaborating a portrait concept through depicting women’s torsos from behind. In such photos, delicate lines of women’s hands were supposed to add to the impressiveness of portraits. It is precisely then the idea was born to create a separate series of photos with the hands as the key component of the portrait.

Specialists believe that the hands not only quite accurately betray any person’s age, but also eloquently speak about the person’s traits, occupation and habits. Hands may be delicate, nervous, calm or very expressive and sensual characteristic of artistic personalities. It is no secret that women tend to look very attentively at men’s hands, but men themselves, however, are not so particular about women’s hands. Compositions with hands as an important component may be quite symbolic. Thus hands and the violin is a symbol of musical inspiration; hands and a fruit is a symbol of temptation, while hands and a fan may well be interpreted as a symbol of dancing.

The project started with taking photos of Nina Ananiashvili, the Bolshoi’s prima ballerina. One photo shows the dancer’s hands close-up. The resultant image was very expressive and greatly impressed Nina herself. This portrait was followed by that of Inna Ginkevich, also a dancer, and then Natalia, Vladimir’s wife and Yekaterina Mtseturidze, a movie reviewer.

True, men’s hands are not ignored in the series, but still they can not compete with those of women with all the latter’s natural expressiveness and delicacy. The inference is that Hands series is an innovative example in the art of portraiture.

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