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The whole idea of the project is the circus as a surrealistic perception of reality. Employing the technique of negative picture Vladimir artistically reverses, as it were, a spatial environment. He scrutinizes a closed sphere of the circus in order to show, through a visual hyperbole, people’s traits, ambitions, fears, apprehensions and all the complexity of interpersonal relationship in general.

In this particular project the photographer depicts sword-swallowers, rope-walkers, tamers with their animals and many others. This is a set of symbols revealing the essence of human beings and their existence. Those who are shown on the photos are equally expressive and distinctive. Take a girl in a flashy garment walking a tight rope high under the dome, a delicately-built Pierro-faced man in a tail-coat stepping in a cage of beasts, a clown wistfully contemplating his reflection in a mirror or a beautiful girl’s head a on the tray of the magician.

The circus photos by Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev is our insight into reality through the light of odd objects, curious creatures and figures inhabiting this microcosm.

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