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Vladimir’s new project is unique in a sense that it is the world’s first ever edition of black-and-white photo illustrations to the Bible. To date, one of the most well known illustrations of the biblical events have been Gustav Dore’s engravings (1864 - 1866).

Thus, the Holy Writ is illustrated under the new project not with paintings or drawings, but with photogravures. This sort of illustration is a demanding job since you just cannot depict many events and characters. Vladimir’s approach rules out any portrayal of biblical characters or presentation of any “adaptation”. The photographer gives the readers a chance to conceive and construe the biblical events presented in the form of respective engravings for themselves.

This effect is achieved through taking art photos of holly places, artifacts and memorabilia relating to the Oil and New Testaments with the help of modern technical facilities. Here, for example, just some of the photogravures characteristic of the project: «Sinai. The Path», «View of Jerusalem», «Exodus», «The Last Sun Ray in Moses’ Mountain», «Sinai. Panorama», «Temple of the Lord’s Coffin, Jerusalem», «View of the Dead Sea» and «Three Trees».

The project definitely will be of great interest not only for artistic photography connoisseurs and professional photographers, but also for wide quarters of regular believers. Moreover, the project may be widely used as an educational aid by members of the public in general and by those who attend religious schools in particular.

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